1951 Precision Bass!

This page is documenting the 1951 Vintage Fender Precision Bass challenge build!
It has always been a dream of mine to build one of these from scratch, so that is exactly what I am doing!

As I go along, I will let pictures do most of the talking!

Once complete, this little beauty will be up for sale!

Scroll down for start-to=finish progress!

Thanks for stopping by, folks!

The Templates and The Body Blank

Sizing Up The Pickguard and Control Plate

Body Shape Is Band-Sawed Out

Body Being Bull-nosed On The Routing Table

Sanding The Body To 220-Grit

Showing The Routed Cavities

Showing The Comfort Carve and Cavities

Sizing Up The Components Before Grain Fill

Grain Filling! YES! MUD PIES!!!