Setup And Repair

Guitar and Bass Setup and Repair Services

Shop is officially open for setup and repair services!


I offer a wide range of services, from regular set ups to repairs such as neck re-radiusing and electronics work.
I evaluate the instrument for free and give a written report of recommended repairs and courses of action.
The customer can then choose from the report which jobs they would like performed.

This entails that I need to physically examine the instrument, so I cannot evaluate it via a text or picture.
Note also that some larger jobs may require several days.

To schedule an appointment, please e-mail me at or, if you are on Facebook, you can DM me! My Facebook Page is HERE! You can also use the Contact page.

Setups are either performed to the instrument manufacturers specifications or to the customers playing style and preferences.
More information from the customer is better in the latter case!

In general, setup involves the following:

Check neck relief
Adjust truss rod
Check string height
Adjust bridge saddles
Shim neck if required (bolt on necks only)
Check pickup height
Adjust intonation
String change (if asked for)
Fingerboard oiling (if required)
Electronics check
Pot and switch de-oxidizing
Hardware inspection and tightening where required
Tune to customers preferred pitch (standard A440 if no specified otherwise)

Pricing – Setup

(all setups include valet service)

Acoustic 6 string – $95
Classical – $125
Electric 6 string or 4 string Bass – $95
5 and 6 string basses – $115
Headless Instruments – $115

Pricing – Other Repair and Maintenance Work

Full Fret level & re-Dress, hand polish of frets and body – $275
File Fret sharp ends, de-burring – $15 per fret
Fret polish only – $75
Nut Replacement – $50 + new nut cost
Electronics Repair – Troubleshooting is free, then the shop rate of $90 per hour comes into effect.
Volume or Tone Pot, Switch Replace – shop rate of $90 per hour + cost of components.

If you wish new strings installed on the instrument, please supply them when bringing the instrument to the shop.

For other work required that is not listed here, contact me for information.

If new parts are required, I can either order them or can be supplied by the customer.