Quintessence Bass

Managed to get the Gazzbass Quintessence page up on the website before it ships.Will be taking better pics before it departs.If you would like more information on this bass, you can contact me here!

Short Review Of The Hipshot Headless Bass System

My little review of the Hipshot headless system is up on Hipshot’s website, featuring Franco Di Donato Uno and the Gazzbass Falcon Series II.Cool!Link is here and the review is at the bottom of the page… scroll to view!

The Gazzbass 1951 Precision Bass Tribute Build!

I am documenting the recent challenge build of the 1951 Precision Bass Guitar, the instrument that got it all started for everyone!Be sure to follow my progress on this timeless beauty RIGHT HERE!

Gazzbass Uses Seymour Duncan Pickups!

I am proud to announce that Gary Denyer Custom Basses is now an official affiliate of Seymour Duncan!I am so happy to join with them in promoting their products!For those of you that know me and my company, you will know that I use Seymour Duncan products in many of Read More

Demo Unit Refurb Time!

My demo Falcon Series II unit got a battering, even during covid!Its been played by around 20 different folks and, as such, has seen a lot of action (and hand sanitizer).So I have decided to re-condition it and put it on sale! Video series will follow…

New Model – Gazzbass Active-P!

So, like I was saying yesterday, lots of P-Bass mania around locally!Here is penultimate assembly on one of two (sounds like a borg) minus the control knobs, with 22 frets, active electronics and blue LEDs!