Concept and Prototype Bass Sale!

Here at Gary Denyer Custom Basses, I have made a number of prototype and concept basses, all still in excellent and functional condition.
Some of these basses went on to become models that I currently offer, others became one-off guitars.

To clear space for new, regular inventory, I have decided to let these concept basses go.
They will now be on sale, most of them with a dramatic price cut!

I will offer them as-is, with choice of either a gig-bag or a hard case.
If the hard case option is chosen, the instrument will take an extra week to ship upon ordering, and the price will go up slightly accordingly.

Prices do not include shipping.

See the links below for all concept and prototype basses on offer!

For terms of sale, please see HERE
For warranty info on prototype and concept basses, please see HERE

Feel free to browse around and, if you are interested, please contact me at

s1thumb1Gazzbass Scarab Series I DeluxeSOLD!
Gazzbass PB1-T 1951 TributeON SALE
Gazzbass Scarab Series II StandardON SALE
Gazzbass JB1-A TributeON SALE
Gazzbass PB1-A TributeSOLD!
TomcatThumbGazzbass Tomcat ActiveON SALE
Falcon S2 HeadedGazzbass Falcon Series II HeadedSOLD!
scothumbGazzbass Scorpion Concept BassON SALE
Gazzbass Concept And Prototype Basses
The range of basses on sale!
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