Demo Unit Refurb Time!

My demo Falcon Series II unit got a battering, even during covid!
Its been played by around 20 different folks and, as such, has seen a lot of action (and hand sanitizer).
So I have decided to re-condition it and put it on sale! Video series will follow…

New Model – Gazzbass Active-P!

So, like I was saying yesterday, lots of P-Bass mania around locally!
Here is penultimate assembly on one of two (sounds like a borg) minus the control knobs, with 22 frets, active electronics and blue LEDs!


Some Thrash Funk!

Undoubtedly one of my fave tunes. Not everyone’s cup of tea AT ALL! Thrash-funk from the band “Fish Bone”. Norwood Fisher’s bass line on this is awesome! On first listen, sounds like a rabble, but oh, no it isn’t. Love the chorus lyrics, “Get together your sh**, and move your a** to a proper toilet”. Just great stuff!